Reinforcement of the slot wall

A continuous reinforcing cage is inserted into each slot wall element. The reinforcement basket is dimensioned according to the static requirements and made by welding or bonding.

In the reinforcing basket, already components, such as, for example, pipes for the execution of compression anchors or connecting reinforcement for building ceilings, etc., must be provided. The reinforcement of ceilings or transverse walls can be connected to the trench wall reinforcement in that:

  • Steel anchor plates are attached to the reinforcement basket, to which the terminal reinforcement is welded after the release,
  • The connecting bars (bows) are bent into the reinforcing cage and are covered with styrofoam plates. After excavation of the excavation pit, the Styrofoam is scraped out and the connectors are bent out (Fig. 1.12 a).
  • The connection is made by means of screw sockets (Fig. 1.12 b).

Fig. 1.12a / b Reinforcement for reinforced concrete reinforced concrete on slit walls (source [6]).

All the components as well as the reinforcement basket as a whole have to be constructed according to the fluidic aspects, so that the ascending concrete actually flows through these parts completely and embeds them well. To secure the concrete cover, either fixed spacers are attached to the reinforcement cage, or guide tubes are inserted laterally on the reinforcing cage, which are pulled during concreting. The reinforcing cage must not stand on the sole of the slot wall; He is therefore suspended from the wall. If the concrete has a steep rate of ascent and concrete pipes penetrate deep into the concrete, the reinforcement must also be secured against impact.